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Veterinary Surgery

Your pet's safety and comfort are top of mind for our board-certified veterinary surgeons in Burlington.

Please Note: A referral from your primary care veterinarian is required for specialty services.

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Surgical Services, Burlington Veterinarian

Surgery for Cats & Dogs 

At Burlington Veterinary Emergency & Referral Hospital, our veterinary surgeons offer comprehensive procedures ranging from elective surgery for sports medicine patients to ocular procedures, mass removal, total hip replacement and open-heart surgery. 

Veterinary surgeries are performed using operative technology, with support staff available to our surgical patients. 

Our surgical specialists will conduct a thorough examination based on your pet's health issues and recommend diagnostic tests and procedures. We will discuss risks and anticipated outcomes with you so you are kept fully informed about your pet's health. 

Board-Certified Veterinary Surgeons 

To become a certified specialist, a veterinary surgeon has to undergo additional training after veterinary school. Their primary focus is on surgery so you can assure that your pet's surgical needs are well taken care of. 

Meet Our Specialty Veterinarians

What to Expect with Veterinary Surgery

At Burlington Veterinary Emergency & Referral Hospital, our surgical centre is equipped with surgical instrumentation and equipment. Everything we do, every decision we make, is designed to ensure post-operative success for your pet.

Surgical Services, Burlington Veterinarian

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Emergency & Specialty Veterinary Referrals Welcome

Our emergency and specialty veterinarians at Burlington Veterinary Emergency & Referral Hospital work to care for your clients and their pets. We are here for you!

Specialty Referrals

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