The Burlington Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital  is privileged to be able to depend on the strengths and specialized knowledge of our staff of compassionate Veterinarians, Registered Veterinary Technicians and Customer Service Representatives.

Introducing our Hospital Owners and Emergency Veterinarians :

                             Dr. Attila Stewart was born and raised in the Toronto area. After graduating veterinary                              school in 2003 he moved shortly after to Newfoundland, Europe then to the United                                    States where he practiced at larger veterinary emergency and referral hospital for small                    animals. He quickly realized he liked the high pace of emergency medicine and surgery. As he moved back to Ontario he started working in a variety of emergency clinics all over Ontario. In 2011 he started The Veterinary Emergency Hospital of West Toronto, following his vision to offer urgent care, diagnostics and emergency surgical procedures in Etobicoke. He built his ER practice slowly focusing on high quality care for every single patient but with a realistic approach. In 2015 he bought the Burlington Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital where the same approach is applied. Outside of the veterinary world, he loves any sport that will give him an adrenaline rush. You may find him mountain biking, rock climbing, kiteboarding in the summer and snowboarding in the winter.  He also thoroughly enjoys scuba diving, and would take any given chance to go snorkeling with his kids.

                             Dr. Camilla Amundsen is originally from Norway, and graduated from Szent Istvan                                      University in Budapest, 2003 with honor. Due to her love of travel she has practiced                                  and gained medical experience from several different countries. From sterilization                                    programs for stray dogs in Turkey and Portugal to internal medicine externship and internship in Norway and USA. She has been in Canada since 2006 and worked at several small animal hospitals across southern Ontario before joining the BVERH Team. Over the years she has developed a keen interest  in ultrasonography and is currently on call to perform abdominal scans for our patients on an emergency basis. The ultrasound images are sent out to a board certified radiologist for interpretation 24/7. Outside of veterinary medicine Dr. Amundsen enjoys horseback riding , rock climbing and hiking. She has a cat named Brad. 

                              Dr. Kiera-Lynne Bowley is a true Burlingtonian, born and raised in this great city; she has                                     always had a passion for all critters big and small. She graduated from the Ontario                                                 Veterinary College in 2011 and has held many positions ranging from primary veterinarian                                 to emergency care. Although she enjoys the odd routine appointment, her heart lies with the excitement and adrenaline rush of emergency medicine and is always striving to provide the best care for her four legged friends. As a true adrenalin junky, you can find her racing down the slopes of the Great Canadian Mountains, surfing the white water rapids of the Ottawa river, playing hockey, hiking the beautiful Bruce trail or just relaxing by a fire with some really good friends and stories to tell. Dr. Bowley joined the Burlington Veterinary Emergency Hospital team as a full time Veterinarian in 2015 and enjoys the diversity of the patients and clients she meets on a daily basis.

                                 Dr. Caroline Gregg has been a lifelong resident of Burlington. She completed both her                                          Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at the University of Guelph.                                  After graduating, she started her career in general practice and joined the Burlington                                            Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital full time in 2016. She has a keen interest in                                        emergency and critical care medicine as well as ophthalmology and soft tissue surgery. Outside of work, Dr. Gregg enjoys traveling, yoga, spending time with family and friends, and playing with her energetic fur baby, Phoebe, a standard poodle. 

Introducing our Veterinary Technicians: 

                            Laura, RVT was born and raised in Port Lambton, Ontario, a small village near Sarnia.                                           After graduating from the University of Western Ontario with an honors degree in                                                 Anthropology, Laura volunteered at the London Humane Society and decided that she                                         wanted to pursue a career involving her love of animals instead of continuing on to a Phd.  While taking the Veterinary Technician course at Seneca College, she met her best friend, Emma (cat), who has been by her side for the past 16 years.  After Laura graduated from Seneca she wrote the registration exam and is officially a Registered Veterinary Technician.  Laura was in general practice for the first 11 years, before starting full-time with the team in 2013.  She has a husband and a daughter, and has added an energetic and troublesome Lab X to the family, named Lucy.  

                                     Vanessa, RVT graduated from Northern College in 2010 where she took an extra                                        year studying Veterinary Technology - Wildlife Rehabilitation. The summer of 2010                                      she traveled to South Africa with an organization and gave free health care to the                                      animals in the small town and worked with wildlife on the reserves. Vanessa has been with our team since 2012 as she enjoys the challenges of emergency veterinary medicine. She has a standard poodle and a rabbit. In her spare time she enjoys hiking and hanging out with her family and friends. 

                             Desiree, RVT was raised in the northern community of Elliot Lake and now resides                                      in Hamilton with her two cats Mae West and Aeries. Like a true northern girl, she                                        enjoys various outdoor activities. In 2009 she pursued her dream of becoming a                                        Registered Veterinary Technician by attending Georgian College. Desiree has worked in a variety of settings including shelter medicine, general practice, and now emergency medicine. After 6 years of experience as a Registered Veterinary Technician, Desiree is now attending The University of Guelph in hopes of one day becoming a Veterinarian. She strongly believes that we should speak for those who cannot speak for themselves and be advocates for every animals’ health and well-being.  

                            Laura, RVT was born and raised in St. Catharines, Ontario. She realized her dream of                                             becoming  an RVT while working at a local small animal hospital as an assistant. Laura                                           attended St. Clair College from 2008-2010, where she received her Veterinary Technician                                     Diploma. In December of 2010  she became a Registered Veterinary Technician. Laura spent the first 5 years of her career in mixed and small animal hospitals. Although she loved building relationships with the patients and the clients she always had a passion for emergency veterinary medicine. In September of 2016 Laura eagerly joined the team at BVERH. Laura's pride and joy is a 130 lb, attention hogging lap dog named Ellie Mai.

Introducing our Customer Service Representatives and Assistants: 


                                Natalie has had a passion for working with animals since ever she was                                                           little. Her experience in the veterinary industry includes work in regular veterinary                                     practices, emergency hospitals, and even the Toronto Zoo! In 2015, Natalie                                                   graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Biology. Currently, she is doing her Master's at the University of Guelph in Animal Nutrition and working with beef cattle. Upon the completion of her Master's, Natalie hopes to attend veterinary school and one day be a veterinarian herself. Natalie has two cats, Lily and Ellie, as well as a 3 year old English Bulldog named Mack. In her spare time, she fosters and dog sits for the Lions Foundation of Dog Guides Canada. Recently, Natalie fostered and raised Helen, a future dog guide who is on the road to becoming a service dog in their special skills program.

More staff bio's to come! 

If you may have a Veterinary Emergency need in Burlington please contact us with any question.  You will never be left in the dark regarding the health of your pet. Our team always provides education regarding possible treatments and lifestyle changes in order to allow you to make informed decisions regarding the care of your pets.

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